Acing the Test

Finally! A crib sheet for rank promotion tests in martial arts. (Hint: these answers won’t fit on the palm of your hand.)

DSBK Annual Report 2021

DSBK continues to survive and thrive a wearying global pandemic. Our annual report demonstrates our strength and wisdom in saving for a rainy day.

Shadow Boxing

I felt dismayed. In the midst of preparing for my first aikido test—consisting of 10 techniques—I made the mistake of asking one of the black belts what you had to do for the shodan (1st degree black belt) test. Before the next class, he approached me with a sly grin and handed me a ream…

Hyperventilating (On Purpose)

Surrounded by snow drifts with an icy river trickling nearby, the assembly under the pavilion swung their swords and gasped for breath. Was the outdoor practice too vigorous? Was hypothermia setting in? None of the above. Actually, we were deliberately hyperventilating. Why?

A Meditation on Meditation

Introspection Comes to America “Turn off your mind Relax and float downstreamIt is not dyingIt is not dying” I was 13 and the sound coming through my AM radio was like nothing I’d ever heard. Some Indian drone instrument crescendoed to an in-your-face repeating drum riff pounding like a cart with a missing wheel careening…


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